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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I be keeping track of my financial records?

While we could make this answer complicated by digging into various legal reporting requirements for things like income, payroll, and sales taxes, the simple answer is as often as possible. In addition to potential compliance issues, the longer you go without checking your financial heading, the easier it is to go off course. We strongly recommend reconciling your accounts and doing a review of your financial statements monthly.

How much does bookkeeping cost?

Our service typically starts around $450-$500/mo, however the cost can vary greatly depending on complexity and transaction volume of the business. At the start of service there can be a one time start-up fee as well in order to account for the initial setup and for any clean up work that may be necessary to make the books both current and accurate.

Do you work remotely or on-site?

We do all of our work remotely. No need to worry about finding space for us to work, providing any equipment or hardware for us, or having us interfering with your customers or your workflow!

How often will I recieve financial statements?

We provide a complete set of financial statements, including the often overlooked statement of cash flows, each and every month. Even more importantly, we will meet with you to review those statements each and every month, so that you can really understand your financial position and use that information to make better decisions, instead of just tossing it in a drawer.

Can you help me prepare my taxes?

While we currently do NOT provide any tax prep services, having your bookkeeping done and your accounts reconciled monthly makes tax time much, much less stressful. No more racking your brain about what this expense was or digging through months old files to find where that bit of revenue came from, because it will all be recorded and categorized already. We will even work directly with your tax prep team to help them answer any questions they may have. When tax time comes, you can focus more time on your business and your family, instead of spending all your energy jumping through government hoops!

Do I need a copy of Quickbooks?

If you don’t already have Quickbooks, don’t worry! We will provide access to a Quickbooks Online account for you as part of our service and will even do the company file setup so that you can be sure you are starting out on the right foot. If you already have QBO, we will help you add us as an external team, and we can get right to work!

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